Carl Nielson and Rajesh Tedla here to welcome you to our newest joint venture. We’ve combined our experience to bring a high-impact program to Project Managers starting in 2017. Many of our C-level and senior-PMO executive clients who we’ve shared the program design with have semi-jokingly stated they wanted to personally attend Execution Leadership for Project Managers. That tells us we’ve hit on something that resonates at the very top. Executive leaders responsible for projects see the need for what we’ve put together. We are very excited to be offering this program starting in 2017.

This blog addresses various topics related to success and failure of project management, consistently meeting project milestones, how to influence people up and down the organization and how to really enjoy project management. We even include some universal humor (if it’s truthful it has to be humorous).

If you are looking for a high-impact development program, specifically serving the PMO professional, be sure to check out the program syllabus.

Fun Thoughts and Truths for Project Managers are snippets of wisdom, truths, insights and observations to help you pause and think strategically.

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