Syllabus at a Glance

Preparation ⇒ Three-Day Cohort Learning Intensive ⇒ Three Months of One-on-One Coaching ⇒ Evaluate Program Impact


  • Short reading assignments
  • Online project leader talent assessment
  • 360° Feedback Survey
  • Online job benchmark survey

self-role-organizational-influence-diagramTHREE-DAY COHORT PROGRAM

Participants will experience three days of active learning to prepare them for high-value, laser-focused coaching. Each program segment is designed so that participants experience high levels of engagement and gain measurable advancement in self-awareness, role-awareness and organizational influence skills and strategies.

  • The art of YOUR role
    • Key accountabilities of a project manager
    • Project manager job benchmark review
      • Required soft skill competencies
      • Behavioral demands of the job
      • Required acumen
      • Participant job benchmark compare and contrast
  • The art of the conversation – how high-performing project managers communicate with teams, stakeholders and individuals
    • Solid communication method that is 10x more effective for achieving execution excellence, greater employee engagement and consistent on-time project milestone completions
    • Team and individual engagement and trust enhancement
    • Culture transformation from a politics-as-usual culture to an execution culture
    • Conflict management that supports project execution
  • The art of change management – how high-performing project managers influence and make change stick
  • The science of self – how high-performing project managers know themselves and leverage certain skills
    • Talent assessment and comprehensive debriefing for professional development
    • Behavioral adaptations of high- and low-performing project managers
    • Personal gap analysis review based on project manager job benchmark
  • The discipline of execution – how high-performing project managers ensure project deliverables are consistently met
    • Governance norms that create alignment
    • Laser focus on the all-important project deliverables
    • Identification of and action toward the lead measures
    • Compelling score card/dashboard
    • Cadence of accountability
    • The stage for success
  • Establishment of learning and change goals
  • Continuous improvement personal skill development plan
  • Ways to leverage your coach
  • Closing comments and Q&A


It has been well-established that training events have very low sustainability value. Is sustainable change likely after a two- or three-day development event? While our kickoff event is powerful and will produce some changes in behavior and skills, we don’t think any training event on its own is able to impact an individual’s skills and abilities in a significant way that creates immediate and long-term benefits for the individual and the organization. For real change to occur, we provide a safe and supportive 3-month coaching structure.

  • Weekly, 30- to 45-minute sessions of personal development and accountability coaching
  • Ideal laser-focused personal development opportunity
  • Apply execution practice and coaching in real-world situations
  • World-class coaches
    • Carl Nielson (Honeywell, Frito-Lay, Medtronic, Boehringer Ingleheim)
    • Rajesh Tedla, LSS MBB (GE)


  • TriMetrix Before and After Comparison Report to evaluate sustainable changes
  • Participant feedback survey
  • Boss-Participant-Coach triad debriefing