Fun Facts and Truths for Project Managers #26

According to ACS Distance Education, nearly 70% of organizations implementing PMO practices report that project success rates have improved significantly as a result. 90% of global senior executives and project management experts say good project management is key to delivering successful results and gaining a competitive edge. More than 16 million people regard project management as their profession.self-role-organizational-influence-diagram

The development program, Execution Leadership for Project Managers (ELPM) focuses in on three areas: self-awareness, role awareness and organizational influence. ELPM is for anyone in a complex environment whose primarily role is project management. This program is best for project managers with at least 5 years work experience and is ideal as a development program for high-potential project managers in larger organizations. The Nielson Group offers this program as an in-house option at your location anywhere in the world. In-house program offerings can be customized to meet your needs.

Fun Facts and Truths for Project Managers #25

cropped-deap-tng-logo.jpgAccording to Bright Hub PM, projects have 5 phases.

Initiation – includes an overview of the project in addition to the strategy you plan on using in order to achieve the desired results.

Planning – includes a detailed breakdown and assignment of each task of your project from beginning to end.

Execution/Control – the planned solution is implemented to solve the problem specified in the project’s requirements.

Closure – a written formal project review report which contains the following elements:

  • A formal acceptance of the final product (by the client)
  • Weighted Critical Measurements (a match between the initial requirements laid out by the client against the final delivered product)
  • Lessons learned
  • Project resources
  • A formal project closure notification to higher management.

See anything missing?

Execution Leadership for Project Managers


Fun Facts and Truths for Project Managers #24

Wrike, developers of a highly flexible project management tool, uses a meme to bust myths about project management. They share the following stats:

Myth 1 – Remote collaboration is unproductive.
In fact, remote work makes happy employees and increases performance by 13%.

Myth 2 – Project management certification is a must.
In fact, even at IBM, only 56% of project management specialists hold a certificate.

Myth 3 – Project management is pure paperwork.
In fact, a project manager spends 90% of their time communicating.

Myth 4 – Frequent meetings are necessary to keep everyone in the loop.
In fact, 47% of workers called meetings the #1 time-waster at the office.

Myth 5 – Project failures are fatal.
In fact, if failures are discovered in a timely manner and within the right culture, they may be the link to future successes.

Execution leadership certainly benefits from great work management software tools. But execution leadership without leadership skills (another type of toolset) makes it tough going for everyone.

Fun Facts and Truths for Project Managers #23

3D man near red question markThe Australian-based consulting and training company, Goal Group, highlights the top ten factors contributing to project success:

  • Clear goals/objectives
  • Support from senior management
  • Adequate funds/resources
  • Realistic schedule
  • End user commitment
  • Effective leadership/conflict resolution
  • Flexible approach to change
  • Clear communication channels
  • Taking account of past experience
  • Effective management of risk

In the Execution Leadership for Project Managers 3-month development program,  ALL of the above are outcomes that we expect the project manager, team members and the company to fully experience. How would your life be different if all of the above bullet points were part of the culture?

Fun Facts and Truths For Project Managers #22

According to the Project Management Institute, the country with the top salary for project management practitioners was Australia at US$134,658. The United States came in at #3 at US$108,000, while Canada hit the mark at US$95,140. Different countries with different value of Project Managers based on salary. What increases market value for Project Managers?